The White Collar Hippie Camp

What do we mostly do on weekends? Lemme guess, either a Saturday night out at some club or a bar where we drink n dance all night and then back home in the morning.

But this time it wasn’t the same for me!

It was this one Saturday that me and my friends took a short trip, not really to a far off place. It’s called The White Collar Hippie camp!

A place called Uttan a little far away from Thane. We stayed at the U-Tan sea resorts, but hey not in rooms but in legit tents. This was my first experience where I was going to stay at a camp in a tent. Excited much!

Since it was a dry-day then, we could either not have alcohol or we could arrange our own.

The environment, the ambience, the set up, the cleanliness at it’s best for a camp.

It was a Saturday night, a live band performance night. It was breezy, pleasant and a beautiful evening awaiting!

The lights were dim, smoking barbeque and delicious food together with the live band and some wine. Card game was on and the post dinner barbeque served us some mouth-watering  roasted marshmallow waffles (I want nowwwww) *Saliva swallowed back* ffflluuurrrrppp.

Sleeping in the tent was one of the best things that we experienced that night.

Next day we had some yummie breakfast buffet and relaxed a bit in the band area where everyone was winding up swinging around and chit-chatting and talking about the drunk night.

Guys this camp is on till march, and will be one of the best experiences of your life!

So don’t miss out on this one, hurry up and log on to  White Collar Hippie or feel free to call +91 9930260746/ +91 9930260748 for any further inquiries/ doubts/ suggestions 🙂

and register yourself 😀



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