Nasik- The Sula Resorts

Hello! All you beautiful people, here’s another beautiful place you can visit, away from all the pee pees, horns, noise and pollution.

Nasik the Sula resort- is known for it’s wine and wine festival.

Since I couldn’t make it to the festival but wasn’t anything less than a fest.

I stayed at the Sula Resorts for a night. The ambience of the place in itself was so peaceful and warming. Three kilometres away from our hotel was the wine shop and restaurant. Wine trail began from there itself where they would take us for a short walk and show us how wines are made stored and tasted.

Honestly, the trail was quite boring but only by the end of the trail would they let us taste wine or else “No trail No wine”, hence we had to play along 😛

We then got back to the same place where they had a shop we could buy those tasted wines. Picked up a bottle or two for family and then headed up to the next floor for food. A nice, tiny and cosy restaurant with an amazing view. Food wasn’t good but we had wine (may be that’s all that mattered) 😛

Finally back to the resort with a nice experience and wine bottles, pretty much a good end to the day!

So guys, this time try making it to the Sula festival and get back bottles of tasty wines by sula.

P.S if you’ll like the food tell me what should I have ordered or can next time!



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