Life is too short to wear bad lipstick!

Hey beautiful ladies, so this blog post is for all beautiful girls who have a special thing for lipsticks πŸ˜€

It had been a while that I’d not shopped for cosmetics, even though I have a thing for lipsticks the most either moods pulled me back or laziness πŸ˜›

And then finally I made a trip to the biggest shopping hub ever!

Bangkok is not all that great or pretty as a place to visit but when you go with the idea of shopping and decent massages you are going to be simply love struck!

Wandered around to different markets, malls and streets and found the best of stuff I could.

So I am going to tell you’ll where all I dug in, so may be you could try the same places too!

Indra market, Pratunum mall, Platinum mall and the Night street Market. Bargaining is not an art especially in Bangkok, for example: They will always say 200 baht, you say 100 they’ll say 150 you say 100 and they will sell it to you πŸ˜€

FiFi island and James bond Island also have these small markets and good stuff to shop too.

So back to the lipsticks i’ve picked up, different and bold colours, good quality and good feels. I hope you enjoy this one since they are different from what we get here πŸ˜€ Cheers



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