Killing it with Traditional <3

MINERALI- Love for Ethnic

Heylo beautiful ladies, I am pretty sure no matter how modern we all get, but there are times we wanna dress up in traditional and to the fullest!

Festivals can never be done and over with! Personally, I love wearing and dressing up in Indian no matter how different the style gets!  Who doesn’t like wearing conventional art when the most desired!

I did visit a lot of places to find a perfect piece of jewelry  for the outfit I designed, but always failed to get “the” perfect one!

Then came a day, where i found a brand like a princess finds the prince of her dreams MINERALI <3

They have the most authentic and beautiful style of Indian jewelry possible!

Talking from personal experience, the collection they have is beautiful.

You must’ve or might spend money on something you’re unsure of, but I guarantee this won’t let you down!

So tried a traditional look with white shoes, self designed lehenga and Minerali earrings because one should define style the way you actually are!

  • Trends change, style is constant!

Since Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi is a very big festival for the most of us, I’ve always bought my style of jewelry for Minerali 😀

Sharing a few of my picks from Minerali and, I am very excited for my next one.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this one! CHEERS 😀

Thanks to skmgraphy to bring out the best of traditional in me.

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