Introducing RaGas

Hey all you beautiful people:) It’s been a while now that i’ve actually posted something on my blog but it’s never too late i guess. So here’s something exciting for you’ll that i’ve come up with! I’ve been working on it for a while now, learnt a few new things, had immense amount of break downs and happy days too, but i am glad i’ve finally reached a stage where i can introduce to you RaGas: Label for women for all occasions.

Like every other being i was scared and skeptical as to how positively will this be accepted by everyone but as things came across more like challenges it just kept making me stronger.

So, initially RaGas was going to be a label for Indian wear. Lehengas, Salwar Kameez, heavy sarees, Different dupattas, blouses etc. But then i realized why limit yourself to a particular category and why not go all out on fashion and style! Sharing some of the pics from RaGas (Indian wear). RaGas is going to be launching a summer collection soon, please stay tuned and give your love and feedbacks about this. Good vibes to all and may you all have a blessed and wonderful day. xoxo

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