Ssoul wear Jewellry

Hey Peeps! πŸ˜€

So Β this is a very special shoot i did for Ssoul wear jewellry. A perfect blend of black and gold! By far the most favourite combination I've shot. Got a collection of a couple of things like a Hand chain, neck pieces and a couple of earrings:D Thank you Ssoul wear for giving me one of your best collections and my favourite colour combination! πŸ˜€



What is Life?

Struggles, ups and downs, quarrel, sadness? may be full of all this, may be at times! but but but....Life is actually a gift that god has blessed us with! Life is as beautiful as the blooming of a flower or the fragrance of the first rain (haha i know too filmy, but true)!

Life have its own way of looking at things, sometimes good & sometimes bad. It all depends on us how we take life and how beautiful we can design it to live "HAPPY". As said earlier in the above statement Life's a climb at all times but the view in the end is visually beautiful and great.

Life at all times may not be fair, but also teaches us the meaning of happiness:D


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Hi peeps!

This is something i'd love to share with you all, a message to everyone out there who feel broken or disheartened. Don't worry you ain't alone:)

There are times when we feel like "WHY"? "HOW"? but its just a phase!

Life gives us happiness, good times, enjoyable memories but if life didn't show us the bad how would we be able to enjoy, value and cherish the good:D

Regretting things in life is stupidity because eventually good is going to cross your way may be not today but tomorrow for sure. DON'T EVER LOSE HOPE! If it's good it's wonderful, if it's bad it's experience.

Stay blessed, be happy and remember to have faith always!!!